Meet Dan

Dan has been living in Pasco County since he was 11 years old. He grew up going to Hudson Beach and going to Sam’s for lunch with his grandfather. He went through middle and high school in the Pasco public school system, graduating from Hudson High. He’s seen West Pasco develop in the 23 years he’s been living here. He’s seen businesses grow. He’s seen infrastructure improve and roads be paved. He’s seen commercial development. He’s also seen pay wages plateau. He’s seen the school system deteriorate. He’s seen the opioid epidemic in this county explode. He’s seen incremental progress in Pasco, but he’s also continually watched his fellow citizens be neglected, and now he’s tired of watching.

Dan has decided to run to represent Florida House District 36 because he is done with representatives ignoring the will of their constituents. As a working-class resident of Port Richey, he knows what it’s like for the majority of people in his district and he is committed to defending those needs and values in Tallahassee. Because he is not taking donations from big corporations or PACs, you can rest assured that he will be voting in the interests of the people of West Pasco and won’t be bought by a party or corporation.