Thank You

I want to start this out by saying thank you. It has been a week since Election Day, and I am still so grateful for the support every single one of you gave me through this entire campaign.

During this last week, I have had millions of thoughts that poor Kacy has had to hear, and I’ve decided to put them down here. We ran this campaign on the basis of Empathetic Anger. The idea that we have experienced life as working class members of the community, have seen what it’s like in our communities, and it made us angry. We took that anger and wanted to fight for change for everyone around us.

Democrats have a modern history of being the party of and by the people. We have so many leaders in our modern history we can build from. Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal showed us how we can put people back to work while building this nation’s infrastructure. John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier challenged us to go to the Moon and brought us to the forefront of the world in technology. Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society brought Civil Rights and the fight against poverty to the forefront. Barack Obama taught us how to Hope again. There are so many ways we could be building a message that reconnects us to the people in the communities.

Empathetic Anger is that message. You can change the words, dress them up, make them your own, but we need leaders who may not have had our experiences, but understand them. Leaders that are angry that people are still without access to healthcare. That are angry that people are working multiple jobs and still cannot make ends meet. That in this district we ran to represent, nearly 50 percent of the people are at or just above the poverty line. Angry that our waters are polluted with fecal bacteria. Angry that there are steps we should have already taken for our climate but chose not to.

We don’t need the anger to be aggressive toward others. It should be channelled into aggressive activism and aggressive policy.

It was John Adams who said “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people,” and it is our jobs as activists, members of the community, and good citizens to share how these policies and ideas can, will, and have helped people like us. The work of communication isn’t easy. Not in this day of “alternative facts” and toxic rhetoric (we definitely experienced a lot on our facebook ads.), but we cannot be discouraged. We cannot despair. We must continue to carry on for each other.

I don’t know my next steps yet, but I do know the fight continues. I am proud of what we started, and I am proud of the race we ran. I am also so grateful. Thank you.

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